Welcome to erlebt

Welcome to erlebt



We want to be a church, through which Potsdamers experience Jesus.




Jesus at the center


Jesus Christ is resurrected from the dead and He is alive. But He’s not just alive as a memory nor through the passing on of His teachings. Rather, He is fully alive. This is the central truth of the Christian faith. It is the foundation of the good news of God. It is the reason why Jesus and His Gospel remain our central focus.

Jesus in our lives


Because Jesus lives, we can also experience Him today. He is active in our lives. He is directing us and changing us. Life has many facets and not everything goes according to plan. We experience sickness and suffering along with health and happiness. Jesus knows from His own experience what life is all about. That is why we want to go through every high and low of life with Him. He knows and loves us. We ask and expect Him to change and to grow us.



You are welcome


Jesus welcomed everyone in his community. He welcomed the outcast as well as the elite, in addition to completely normal people. Everyone came as they were, but no one stayed the same. God’s presence changed them. Just as Jesus accepted people then, we want to do the same as the church. Come just as you are. You are welcome!

Experience God´s family


The church is not an institution or a mere building. We understand the church as Jesus explains in the Bible: people who belong to Jesus with various backgrounds from every possible culture, country, and social class. That is God’s colorful family—diverse and unified. And that is exactly what we are. Together, we’re following Jesus and sharing our lives with one another.

Everyone is important


Jesus is building His church. And He’s doing it with completely normal people. God has given each of us unique gifts that can contribute to the growth of the church. We desire to use these gifts and opportunities to mutually support and complement one another. We need one another because the Good News of Jesus Christ is worthy of being heard and experienced by all people.

for Potsdam


Faith in action


The love of God compels us to love and serve our fellowman. Whether it’s a helpful conversation, packing for a move, or various engagement in the Ark, we want to be there for people that need our help.

Happy to be here


We love living in beautiful Potsdam! It is important for us to participate in the life of the city and to pray for the needs of the city.

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